Best Muscle Growth Book

Stop Wasting Your Money On Expensive Weight Gain Powders Its Time To Gain Muscle The "No Nonsense" Way!

A couple years back i was actually a pretty skinny guy, and i found it annoying how hard it was to gain muscle. I was wasting so much money on weight gainer proteins and creatine and just completely frustrated with my minimal gains. 

Like most teens and adults looking to get muscular, i scanned Google looking for the best bodybuilding websites that would give me some sort of information i already didn't know. After searching long and hard on the Internet i came across  Vince Delmonte's No Nonsense Guide To Muscle Building 

 Now, I'm not one to buy stuff over the Internet right away but his video was enough for me to pull out the card and buy!

Now remember i was in desperation at the time and this looked like the most promising product I've ever seen on the Internet, i was going out on a limb. I downloaded the eBook and i was shocked at the 219 pages of information. But i read every last bit and it was all 100% GROUNDBREAKING. Vince goes in detail about when you need to eat and strategic progressive weight training that i was never taught by friends or school coach. He even goes as far a to explain the scientific part of the process and what chemicals in our body help our progress and which ones don't.

 I read that he had a degree in nutrition and fitness which would explain his vast knowledge in this field 

My Review

Vince is one of the few people who actually cares about his customers and doesn't just want a quick buck. You can find him all over the Internet with his clients muscle building success stories. 

Included with his package contains his 219 pages of his groundbreaking mens fitness program, but he hasn't forgotten about the ladies either. He also includes a 219 page for women's weight cutting and toning also. I have to give credit to Vince because he also includes a entire section on what you should do before you start any fitness program. He call's it " Upside-down Training"

Upside-down training is a month long pre-fitness program that allows you to strengthen  up any weak muscles and align your spine so that you can start the 21 week program on the right foot!

 What really caught my attention was Vince's zero to hero story of his progress. He goes on to explain how he was a 140 pound long distance runner who couldn't gain any weight  but with a system he created gained over 40 pounds of rock hard muscle fast! 

But hold up! hold up!.......what about that flabby pouch of built up saturated fats that i wanna get rid of.....VINCE HAS YOU COVERED. 

He dedicates another BIG section all about that dreaded part that everyone has a had time getting rid of,yes,the abs!. Vince includes 21 weeks of full meal plans, from morning to night. 

In conclusion, i honestly think that this is the best fitness programs on the market today. Vince is a very credible source and has gone on to win multiple fitness model competitions. 

If you are serious about changing your physique and have had enough of being the smallest one out of your friends i suggest you take a look at No Nonsence Guide to Muscle Building