Bodybuilding 101

The Bodybuilding 101 You Were Never Taught 
If you landed on this page it is probably because your a beginner at the immensely hyped, but very misleading , world of bodybuilding. With all this misinformation, its no wonder `skinny guys`and `hard gainers ` find it so hard to get a bigger body.

Please read along because I assure you that you have never heard this before.

Before we go any further, I want you to right know think about WHY you want to gain muscle. 

Is it because you want to attract women? Is it because your tired of getting pushed around and teased for being 17 and 125 pounds? Or is it simply because you just want to look like one of your role models?
Whatever you reason is, I want you to keep it in your head EVERY time you wake up, eat,  go to the gym, and before you sleep. If you think of these thing every day, it will pick you brain enough for you to act on it!

The reason being is that your brain is the most advanced piece of technology know to man, and it has incredible power to carry out commands and wishes.  
So step #1 is... HAVE A GOAL.

Now does this sound like any of you...
" I'm a hard gainer, that's why i cant gain weight"  
I used to call myself this all the time, and why wouldn't I! , everyone else was labelling me, why shouldn't I label myself?
The truth is, when you give yourself a reason why you CANT do something, you have already told your brain it doesn't need to carry out  actions to resolve an issue.

When it come to the weekend,  does this sound familiar?

You get home from school/work and run to the phone to call up your buddies and see where the party is for tonight? maybe grabbing a quick toaster strudel to get some quick munch. Then out you go storming out the front door to make it to the liquor store before it closes. 
(don't want to let  your buddies down now do ya) 
We all know why this wont help anything, and I don't really need to get into why.
So step # 3....SET PRIORITIES 

When you go to the gym, does this sound like you?
1.Walk in and shoot the shit with some people talking.
2. Nervously grab a dumbbell and start your routine while looking around at who is looking at you. 
3.Get side tracked at someone else lifting and watch what he's doing.
4. Finish routine and drink some protein then go home.
5. Play x box till you pass out. might as well have just skipped to # 5 and just played video games all day.
What people don't realise is that bodybuilding is all about timing, and you have to be focused on yourself at all times.

When you go to the gym do you keep track of what your doing?

When you go to service your car, you get a write up sheet with the diagnostics on what was serviced. So when you work out why wouldn't you keep a log of all the muscles your serviced? To many people, keeping a log book and writing down sets and reps is going to feel like homework. but you need to in order to see what to "up" yourself on for next week.

So lets recap what we just learned:

  • Have a goal
  • Don't make excuses
  • Set priorities
  • Dedicate time for yourself
  • Write down sets and reps

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