Do Supplements Play A Role In Mass Gaining?

The word says it all...SUPPLEMENT  (to fill a gap)

Let me tell you a story, I wanted to get big like most of you, but I'm lazy....also like most of you (yes even you) so i decided to go the nearest bodybuilding supplement store and buy the biggest tub of mass gainer protein. All it did was make me a skinny guy with alot of chub and trust me it look just as weird as it sounds. I did some research on what exactly was inside these weight gainers, and the contents were exactly what I thought would be in them. Modified milk, sugar, fillers, glucose dextrose, and a little bit of creatine just for the illusion that you were packing on quality mass. Other products, such as popular pre workout mental enhancers, were filled with caffeine or sugars to give you a sugar surge instead of focus like advertised.

The reason why i got chubby is because these products are loaded with sugar, modified milk, egg products, and fillers.
Here is my list of supplements that are beneficial to "Hard gainers"

Whey Protein
Im assuming all of you know what whey protein is(or think you do). But in simple terms it is basically a bunch of amino acids that you get from milk. So its basically just dehydrated milk.
Creatine is a natural chemical in your body and it is released in small amounts throughout  the day. Creatine allows the muscles to retain water, therefore when you take a creatine supplement , your muscles will grow.

now your probably asking "well who cares if it retains water, i want muscle!"
your body is 75% water so you will want to drink LOTS of water while taking creatine for maximum absorption

What did you expect, a huge list?

Truth is, supplement company's don't give two shits about your health and well being, they just want your hard earned cash.
But like most of us all we can do is look up products on google and hope that the "reviews" are telling the truth


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